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Let's be honest: Three facts about our independent living community

November 29, 2017

Giving a parent the best possible care sometimes means letting others lend a hand. However, this certainly does not mean shipping your loved one off to a nursing home, a phrase that probably conjures up dismal mental images. Senior care facilities have evolved over the years, keeping pace with advances in the medical community.

From assisted living facilities to Alzheimer’s care units, there are more options than ever before. And your constant involvement in the transition is vital.

The Residences at Chestnut Ridge offers a variety of services dedicated to making life easier and safer for each person. We’re the perfect place for seniors who value their independence, but may need occasional assistance with daily living tasks. Maybe you’re researching options for a parent or friend. Or maybe you’re ready to downsize and let go of wearisome home-maintenance issues so you can focus on enjoying life. Either way, we think you’ll love Chestnut Ridge.

Here are just three facts about our independent living community.

  1. We provide the privacy of home … without the hassles.

Community living doesn’t mean losing privacy and independence. We’re committed to providing an environment that feels just like home … except there’s no need to shovel the snow from the driveway ever again. And just like home, guests are always welcome.

  1. Security features keep everyone safe and healthy.

Moving to an independent living community reduces the concern that may come from living alone. Residents may not need assistance with medical or daily living tasks, but staff is always available, 24 hours a day, to ensure the safety of your loved one. Features are in place to provide immediate assistance should the need ever arise.

  1. Residents enjoy an engaging, active social life.

Living in a community of other seniors provides numerous opportunities for socializing. Studies have shown that a continued sense of purpose can have a positive effect on seniors’ health and wellbeing. Numerous activities, including cooking classes, games and outings, keep residents busy and fulfilled.

Don’t face difficult changes alone. Located less than 20 miles from Philadelphia, Chestnut Ridge empowers senior citizens to choose a life enhanced by independence, security, activities and individualized care.

Exploring options for the next chapter doesn’t need to be scary or depressing. With a view like Taylor Memorial Arboretum, sad thoughts simply don’t happen at Chestnut Ridge!

Stop by for a visit. And don’t worry. There are plenty of beautiful days ahead.

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