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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my loved one want to live at Residences at Chestnut Ridge?

Residences at Chestnut Ridge provide quality accommodations for senior residents to live independently with a host of personal care options that allow them to age in place without disruptive moves to other facilities. Our care partners and staff understand the progressive levels of care needed to fulfill his or her needs, even at the most complex levels of personal care.

How is Residences at Chestnut Ridge an option to a nursing home?

In most cases, Residences at Chestnut Ridge can provide similar personal care services as a nursing home, but in a much more comforting, nurturing environment that allows residents to maintain an appropriate level of privacy and independence. Moreover, our residents can progress from independent living to a more specialized level of care, such as memory care, palliative care or hospice, without needing to move.

I have been living here for ten years. I just love it. I have made lots of friends. The whole staff is just so wonderful.

— Margaret T., Resident

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